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Thomas Herman Ridgley (October 30, 1925 – August 11, 1999) was an American R&B singer and bandleader in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Ridgley, released his debut single "Shrewsbury Blues" in New Orleans in 1949[note 1] for Imperial Records. In the 1950s he formed his group the Untouchables, and recorded for labels such as Decca, Atlantic and Herald. His 1952 release "Tra-La-La" on Decca was later covered and made famous by Pat Boone.
In the 1960s he signed with the local Ric Records, and released some singles which were to become local hits, but none of them broke through to create a stir nationally. These sides included "Double-Eyed Whammy" and "I've Heard That Story Before", a remake of the song first recorded for Herald.

During the 1970s and 1980s, there were fewer recording opportunities for Ridgley, however, he continued to record for local labels, and continued to perform. He kept performing at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival e…


Titus Lee Turner (May 1, 1933 – September 13, 1984)] was an American R&B and East Coast blues singer and songwriter. His best-remembered recordings are "We Told You Not to Marry" and "Sound-Off". He also wrote "Leave My Kitten Alone", "Sticks and Stones" and "Tell Me Why".

Turner was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His debut single, "Where Are You", was released in 1950 by Aladdin Records, credited to Mr. T and his Band. Another single, "Stop Trying to Make a Fool of Me", was released by Regal Records in 1951. A year later he recorded eight tracks for Okeh Records, including "Got So Much Trouble." He then recorded for Wing, an imprint of Mercury Records, but he was not commercially successful until 1955, when Little Willie John recorded Turner's "All Around the World". Another version, retitled "Grits Ain't Groceries," was by Little Milton.

Turner and John then co-wrote "Leave …


Os ofrecemos unas fotillas y unos videos de lo que fué la actuación de ayer del dúo VOODOO BROS. en el HONKY TONK BLUES BAR de Barcelona. Si repasamos su biografía , vemos efectivamente que no engañan a nadie  , eso es , cumplieron a rajatabla las expectativas y atesoraron las virtudes que en ella proclaman ,Blues con raíces muy bien  interpretado a la guitarra por Umberto Porcaro que demostró tener un gran oficio, y una sensacional voz , Federico Chisesi, le acompañó con su percusión " adaptada " que hizo las delicias del respetable. Tambien cantando algunos de los temas y haciendo coros consiguiendo grandes momentos a dos voces . El público que llenaba hasta los topes el Templo del Blues en la ciudad condal disfrutó de lo lindo con la actuación del dúo procedente de Italia y más concretamente de Palermo que hizo cantar al respetable con temas tan populares como Jambalaya ó Down By The Riverside a lo que este accedió de buen grado contribuyendo de esta forma a que la fiesta…


Elijah Douglas Quattlebaum (January 22, 1929 – March 1, 1996), better known as Doug Quattlebaum, was an American Piedmont blues guitarist, singer and songwriter.[3] He recorded one single for Gotham Records in 1953, but bizarrely was offered another opportunity following his employment as an ice cream salesman. Quattlebaum was born in Florence, South Carolina, as the only child of his mother's first marriage. He spent the first thirteen years of his life there and was initially inspired by the music of Blind Boy Fuller. He fashioned crudely constructed homemade guitars from wire and cigar boxes. His mother remarried (to a brother of Arthur Crudup's) in the early 1940s, when Quattlebaum was aged fourteen, and the family moved to Philadelphia. His stepfather purchased Quattlebaum's first real guitar and showed him how to play one chord; as a teenager Quattlebaum alone mastered the basics of playing the instrument.
He toured playing guitar accompaniment for several gospel group…


Frank Fotusky es un cantante y compositor estadounidense con sede en Portland, Maine , Estados Unidos. Él toca la guitarra acústica de seis y doce cuerdas .
Nueva Jersey , Nueva York , Estados Unidos
Fotusky toca blues acústico en el estilo Piedmont que recuerda a guitarristas como el reverendo Gary Davis , Blind Boy Fuller , John Jackson y Blind Willie McTell .  Ha actuado o aparecido con John Jackson, Paul Geremia , Steve Mann , Will Scarlett, Bonnie Raitt , Buddy Guy y Chris Hillman , entre otros. 
Su sello discográfico personal es Snappy Turtle Records, mientras que su compañía editorial musical es Sixty One Forty Nine Music.

Frank Fotusky plays Acoustic Blues in the style reminiscent of the great East Coast "Piedmont" players such as Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Boy Fuller, John Jackson, Blind Willie McTell to name a few. A majority of his material is culled from the '20's, '30's and '40's and Acoustic Blues and Guitar Rags are the foundation of his …


"Kid" Prince Moore was an American blues musician, from the United States, who recorded 17 songs from 1936 to 1938. Moore played in a Piedmont blues style, similar to that of Blind Blake. Moore also recorded two Gospel Music tracks, "Church Bells" and "Sign of Judgement". Moore also accompanied blues pianist Shorty Bob Parker on six of his own tracks.[1][2] Bruce Bastin, in his book Red River Blues: The Blues Tradition in the Southeast, suggested that Moore may have originated from The Carolinas but, as of 2017, there is no documented knowledge of Moore's life.

Kid Prince Moore Shorty Bob Parker Complete Recorded Works (1936 – 1938) Featuring the recordings of:
(Kid) Prince Moore, vocal / guitar. Kid Prince Moore, vocal / guitar; probably Shorty Bob Parker, piano. Shorty Bob Parker, vocal / piano; Kid Prince Moore, guitar / comments on 20, 21
Genres: Blues, Country Blues, East Coast Blues, Country blues, Piedmont Blues, Guitar, Ragtime Guitar, Blues Piano,


Anthony Gomes (14 de mayo de 1970) es un guitarrista y cantante canadiense de blues rock. Luego de su álbum debut, Blues in Technicolor de 1998, empezó a salir de gira por los Estados Unidos y Canadá y desde entonces ha grabado más de diez producciones discográficas.

Anthony Gomes (born May 14, 1970, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian blues and blues rock guitarist and singer. He was born to a Portuguese father and a French-Canadian mother. After his 1998 debut album release Blues in Technicolor, he began touring the United States and Canada and he has since recorded eight more albums.

Gomes resides in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, playing a fusion of blues with rock and soul, and with the Anthony Gomes Band has toured North America and Europe.

Anthony Gomes 2018 12 13 Boca Raton, Florida - The Funky Biscuit - Complete Show
Nasty Good Your Mama Wants To Do Me (And Your Daddy Wants To Do Me In) Purple Whisky Sack Testify Take Me Back Home Come Down Blues In The First Degree Vo…


Boston native, Sonya Rae is a rising star with a blend of gifts rarely found on the blues-rock and soul scene today. Her dazzling musical ability is immediately evident through her soaring vocals, scorching guitar work and savvy song-craft. She has been likened to a “fiery female combination of Warren Haynes, Bonnie Raitt and Amy Winehouse” Always backed by a masterful group of musicians including guitar phenom (husband) Ryan Taylor, she and her band are quickly becoming one of the most sought after acts on the scene today.

Bill Hurley
Sonya Rae Taylor Band Sonya Rae Taylor - guitar, vocals Ryan Taylor - guitar Jordan Gravel - Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer piano Jesse Williams - bass, vocals Lee Fish - drums Brittany Bethune - backing vocals

I first heard Sonya Rae Taylor at the 23rd Annual North River Blues Festival where, working with her husband Ryan Taylor, they launched into a fantastically soulful rock blues tune that instantly put on display great guitar work and a blending of sound with key…


Corey Stevens es un guitarrista de blues estadounidense de Centralia, Illinois . Nació el 6 de agosto de 1954.

Stevens comenzó a tocar la guitarra a los 11 años y se mudó a Los Ángeles después de graduarse de la Universidad del Sur de Illinois en Carbondale para seguir una carrera en el negocio de la música. Stevens trabajó como maestro de escuela para el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Los Ángeles durante diez años antes de firmar un contrato de grabación con el sello independiente, Eureka Records. Lanzó su álbum debut en 1995, obteniendo comparaciones con Stevie Ray Vaughan y Eric Clapton , y obtuvo un éxito en la radio rock con el sencillo "Blue Drops of Rain". "One More Time" de su seguimiento de 1997, Road To Zen , fue su sencillo más alto en las listas. Alcanzó los diez primeros en Radio & Records y # 22 en la lista Billboard Mainstream Rock. 

Born in the small town of Centralia, Illinois, Corey Stevens never just says he is from Illinois. After hearing, &quo…