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Biografia / Facebook  "Big Ron Hunter, a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, learned guitar from his father when he was a young boy; he also received tutelage from the late Guitar Gabriel. Virtually unknown outside his circle of family, friends and acquaintances, Hunter would seem to be representative of the prototypical blues (or folk) “discovery”- a workingman who has spent most of his life playing and singing primarily for his own satisfaction."
"Hunter plays and sings his own songs, combining a bluesy, yet sweet and melodic voice with his original brand of uplifting, hard-banging, acoustic blues."


Big Ron Hunter, a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has a gift for singing and playing guitar that was passed down and nurtured by his father. He also received tutelage from the late blues great Guitar Gabriel. A workingman who has spent most of his life playing and singing primarily for his own satisfaction, Hu…


“In his own low-key way, Captain Luke Mayer is one of the most versatile and entertaining ‘discoveries’ that Music Maker has documented for quite a while.” – David Whiteis, Living Blues Magazine
How We Helped: Captain Luke and Music Maker joined forces in 1991, and have had a strong relationship from the beginning. Music Maker has provided Captain Luke with grants for sustenance and emergency relief, a monthly stipend for prescription medicine, and help with car maintenance over the years. The foundation has also been instrumental in setting up Captain Luke’s tours throughout Europe and the United States, including performances at the Lincoln Center in New York and Capitol Blues Night in D.C., as well as many shows throughout North Carolina. Captain Luke is featured in the book Music Makers: Portraits and Songs from the Roots of America and in the film Toot Blues, and he can be heard on numerous Music Maker compilation CDs. His own albums include O…


Grover "Dr. G. B." Burt, Jr (born January 30, 1937 in Birmingham) is a blues musician and songwriter based in Birmingham. Burt's songs focus on historical persons and events, such as the Civil Rights movement and Bo Diddley. Burt's family moved to Portland, Oregon during World War II, where his father got work as a shipbuilder. Afterwards they moved back to Birmingham, then to Florida. While there, Burt began learning to box and play guitar from his uncle, Arthur Hubbard. After they moved back to Birmingham again, Burt continued training as a boxer. He and his father began tramping around the South and he eventually met trainer Ezzard Charles in Cincinnati and competed in a Golden Gloves tournament in 1954. He continued to travel alone, carrying his guitar and boxing gloves with him, taking odd jobs as a mechanic or driver. Burt married in 1957 and settled in Detroit, Michigan in the early 1960s, working for the Ford Motor Company. He retired from boxing and sent for h…


Elder Anderson Johnson spent his career preaching and playing his steel guitar on the streets of America. He made a fine record of “God Don’t Like It” and others back in the 1958 in Miami, Florida, for the Angel, Glory and Deluxe labels. He eventually settled in Newport News, Virginia where he built his church and became a respected outsider artist. His paintings were mainly of women’s faces. He loved to play his steel guitar and sing but was also a fine pianist and drummer.

How We Helped: Elder Anderson Johnson officially became a Music Maker artist in 1996. Music Maker provided him with a monthly stipend for prescription medicine, and helped fixed the roof on his home. He is featured in the 2004 publication Music Makers: Portraits and Songs from the Roots of America.
Axel Kustner, Eleanor Ellis and Tim Duffy recorded Johnson’s music in October of 1994.
“I was born in June 1, 1915, 70 miles outside of Richmond, out in the country on the farm. My mother’s friend had a guitar and …


Un album  dedicado al Blues es el único legado destacable que nos hace traer  Chinnock a nuestro Blog, fué el primero de unos cuantos posteriores , donde nos dá toda la sensación que se fué alejando del Blues paulatinamente. 
El guitarrista, teclista  y cantante / compositor Bill Chinnock fue uno de los primeros fundadores del Asbury Park, NJ. Fue descubierto por el legendario productor John Hammond, Sus primeras bandas tuvieron algunos miembros impresionantes, entre ellos Danny Federici, Garry Tallent, Vini López y David Sancious, entre otros; cuando Chinnock se trasladó a Maine, sus compañeros de banda anteriores participaron en la fundación de Bruce Springsteen E Street Band. Chinnock publicó su debut, Blues, en 1975, ( del cual os ofrecemos dos temas )  seguido en 1976 por Alive en el Loft. Los Badlands aparecieron dos años después; después de la década de 1980 Dime Store Heroes, se mantuvo en silencio hasta el lanzamiento de Rock & Roll Cowboys de 1985. Después de caer nuevame…


James "Super Chikan" Johnson Birth nameJames Johnson Also known asSuper Chikan BornFebruary 16, 1951 (age 66) Darling, Mississippi, United States GenresBlues InstrumentsGuitar LabelsRooster Blues, Ruf Records Websitewww.superchikan.com
James "Super Chikan" Johnson (born February 16, 1951, Darling, Mississippi, United States) is an American blues musician, based in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He is the nephew of fellow blues musician Big Jack Johnson.
One commentator noted that Super Chikan, Big Jack Johnson, Booba Barnes, R. L. Burnside, and Paul "Wine" Jones were "present-day exponents of an edgier, electrified version of the raw, uncut Delta blues sound." He spent his childhood moving from town to town in the Mississippi Delta and working on his family's farms. He was fond of the chickens on the farm, and before he was old enough to work in the fields, he would walk around talking to them. This led his friends to give him the nickname "Chikan Boy&q…


Una muestra de la actuación de TOTA BLUES formato dúo esta tarde noche en CRAFT BARCELONA, como siempre dejaron constancia de su categoría como músicos ,temas clásicos de Little Walter, Jimmy Reed y otros standards , añadiendo algún tema propio , como el dínámico con aires de Boogie del video que os ofrecemos, fueron  bordados en las interpretaciones de Tota, a la armónica , guitarra y voz , y Martin J.Merino , guitarra y voces su pareja escénica desde hace más de veinte de años. Posteriormente dieron paso a los diferentes músicos que participaron en una popular Jam Session . Como siempre decimos unas fotillas y otro par de videos manifiestamente mejorables técnicamente , solamente para dejar constancia lo lo acaecido el coquetón local del Gótico barcelonés. 

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LITRES DE BLUES / Lluís Souto 


Virgil Childers (1901 – December 10, 1939) was an American blues musician, who hailed from South Carolina, United States. Little is known of his life.
Childers was born in Blacksburg, South Carolina, and resided there for the duration of his life.Childers recorded six songs for Bluebird Records in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1938. The recordings are a variety of blues songs, pop music of the time, and Tin Pan Alley tunes. Childers played in a ragtime style that is reminiscent of a swing band.
On December 1, 1939, Childers was shot and killed while trying to escape from a police officer in Shelby, North Carolina.


Benjamin Joe "Bennie" Houston (November 6, 1943 – July 11, 1993), known by his stage name of Boston Blackie, was an American Chicago blues guitarist, singer, and bandleader.
Houston was born in Panola, Sumter County, Alabama in the Black Belt. The ninth of eleven children, he grew up in the farmhouse built by his father, a farmer, barber, carpenter, and bricklayer. He began playing guitar by age six. In 1962 he moved to Chicago where three of his brothers had already relocated and formed a band (Sweetman and the Sugar Boys), which he joined.
The band broke up following the death of his brother Nathanial, and Houston – briefly taking the stage name Dog Man – worked various gigs as he honed his craft in the 1960s and 1970s. He backed Johnny B. Moore and Lee "Shot" Williams at the Majestic Lounge, Little Milton at Pepper's Lounge, and played at various times with Magic Sam, Otis Rush, Freddie King, Kansas City Red, Hubert Sumlin, Homesick James, Jimmy Dawkins, Littl…

Blues and The Alligator - The First Twenty Years of Alligator Records (1990) [Full documentary]

Un video muy interesante para todos los aficionados al Blues. 


When Bruce Iglauer dropped out of college and moved from Cincinnati to Chicago back in 1971, he just wanted to be near his favorite Blues artists. He never dreamed he’d wind up starting what was to become the biggest Blues recording company in the world! Like many of his peers of the 60’s, Bruce was deep into folk music. But when he heard Blues music for the first time at a folk festival, the directness of the music, the intensity of emotion, reached out and grabbed him.
For a folkie turned Blues freak, Chicago was definitely the place to go. Chicago was - and still is - the Blues capital of the world. The US city with the largest black population in America, people who left the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta to find  work up north, bringing their music with them. Bruce’s company - Alligator records - may be small by recording industry standards, but it’s  a gia…

ROBERT JOHNSON * His References *

Ilustración alegórica del artista NICOLA VERLATO 

Todos los aficionados al Blues que se precien conocen de sobra a ROBERT JOHNSON, uno de los referentes del género, Se sabe que compuso la mayoría de sus temas inspirados en otros anteriores de bluesmen que le precedieron. Johnson tomó muchos de sus Blues de otros artistas , sin embargo a pesar de ello ningún historiador deja de reconocer sus dotes para recrear y más bien transformar cualquier composición en un tema suyo. Ahí tenemos algunos ejemplos. 

OLD ORIGINAL KOKOMO BLUES, está claro que fué la fuente de SWEET HOME CHICAGO ! 

CROSSROADS fué la composición de Johnson después de oir el tema de Patton. 

Y así con una lista en la cual podríamos añadir , 32-20 Blues, bebido del 22-20 Blues de Skip James, Preachin' Blues que SON HOUSE compuso con el nombre de Preachin' the Blues. Johnson estuvo fuertemente influenciado por Lonnie Johnson , por cierto que aprovechando la coincidencia de apellido  Robert se hacía pasar por hermano de L…


Artist Biography by Richard Skelly in allmusic !
Keyboardist, singer, and songwriter Skeeter Brandon was born in 1949 and raised in Goldsboro, NC. He and his band, Highway 61, made a name for themselves as a touring act up and down the East Coast and nearby in the 1980s and '90s. He began singing in the church as a six-year-old and began playing piano at age nine. Blind since early childhood, he was sent to the Governor Morehead School for the Blind in Raleigh, NC. He had some success as a teenager leading his own band around Raleigh and Goldsboro, NC, where he was raised. Through his youth, Brandon sang and played keyboards, trumpet, and drums. He later specialized by sticking mostly to keyboards and vocals. After playing trumpet through most of the 1960s with bands that were doing classic R&B covers by Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, and Wilson Pickett, he formed the Soul Stars Band. They became so popular they were the house band for the Playboy Club in Goldsboro.
He caught his…


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La matinal-vermouh de hoy en el BAR LIPS, la ha protagonizado MALACARA&WILSON BAND, el Country-Blues-Rock-R&B de la banda ha sonado espectacular en el coquetón local del Guinardó, con un repertorio basado principalmente en covers de grandes éxitos de los diferentes géneros ,. haciendo especial hincapié , eso sí en el Blues, no ha impedido que hayan ofrecido un " set " con los excelentes temas propios de su último disco y anteriores.El público se lo ha pasado en grande disfrutando del buen hacer y de la profesionalidad del grupo que como decimos ha dejado constancia de sus tablas con un sonido impecable. Os dejamos con unas fotillas y un par de videos para que os hagáis una pequeña idea de lo acontecido , como siempre decimos, manifiestamente mejorables ambas cosas , pero que lo único que se pretende desde SENTIR EL BLUES es acercar al personal cuantas cosas acontecen en el panorama de nuestra ciudad, tan rico en eventos , con unos músicos excepcionales y que pasen a …


Regina B. Higginbotham (born January 22, 1958) known professionally as Teeny Tucker is an American electric blues and new blues singer and songwriter.She is the daughter of the late blues musician Tommy Tucker. AllMusic noted that "Teeny Tucker is among a growing number of female blues belters taking different paths to stardom or wider recognition, but she's one of the very best..." She has released five albums to date.
She has variously appeared on the same bill with B.B. King, Koko Taylor, Etta James, Buddy Guy, the Holmes Brothers, Robert Cray, Keb' Mo', Deanna Bogart, Kenny Neal, Bobby Rush, and John Mayall.

Teeny Tucker was born in Dayton, Ohio, United States.She sang in her local church choir. Her father, a blues performer best known for his 1964 hit song, "Hi-Heel Sneakers," died tragically at the age of 42 in January 1982, on his daughter's 24th birthday.[ Tucker first performed professionally in November 1996.Her debut album, Tommy's Girl,…


John Henry Smith, better known as Big Bad Smitty (February 11, 1940 – April 3, 2002) was an American blues guitar player and singer. Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, United States, he started learning guitar at the age of ten. He would play his older brother Nelson's guitar when nobody was around.

When he was in his 20's he worked as a truck driver. Johnny Vincent of Ace Records had recorded him and two of his songs, "Smokestack Lightnin'" and "How Many More Years" appeared on the Genuine Mississippi Blues anthology on the Ace label in 1970.
He recorded the Mean Disposition album in 1991,which was released on the Black Magic label in Europe and the GENES label in the United States.He recorded three albums and appeared at European blues festivals, performing for large crowds. In 1993, Smitty was affected by a stroke.
He died in Jackson, Mississippi on April 3, 2002, as a result of diabetes. His funeral was held on Saturday, April 13 at the Alpha Omega Baptis…