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" VIEJO BLUESMAN " Es una banda oriunda de Berazategui,  ( Buenos Aires) si bien sus integrantes vienen tocando hace mucho tiempo en otros grupos. A mediados de 2014 Adrian Ciabocco convocó a participar de una banda en la cual también tocaba Hernán Nicora. La formación era Guitarra, Bajo, Teclados, Bateria Y Armónica, con un repertorio conformado por temas de Rock N Roll Clásico de los años '50, '60 Y '70, a los que fueron sumando Blues Y Rhythm And Blues en covers y composiciones propias. En 2015 se incorpora Lázaro Cordary y así nace "VIEJO BLUESMAN", nombre derivado del título de uno de los temas del repertorio. A principios del 2016 se suma Rodrigo Piccirilli en Guitarra para conformar el 5to integrante. Sin abandonar los clásicos, la banda se aboca actualmente a trabajar con mayoría de material propio, abarcando géneros como el Blues, El Rhythm and Blues y el Rock N Roll. La formación actual se compone con: Pablo Dante Montagna en voz y armónicas  Ad…



Decca Records 1953 B/W Merry Christmas

Sam “Lightnin'” Hopkins (15 de marzo de 1912-30 de enero de 19821​) fue un guitarrista y cantante de country blues nacido en Houston, Texas, Estados Unidos. Nacido en Centerville, Texas, en el seno de una familia humilde que integraba una comunidad agrícola; inicialmente aprendió a tocar la guitarra gracias a su hermano Joel ocho años mayor que el mismo que le enseño el manejo de la guitarra acústica. A los 3 años de edad tras la muerte de su padre se traslada a Leona Texas y comienza a cantar en los coros de las iglesias a los 8 años fabrica una rudimentaria guitarra con una caja de puros y alambre, la pasión de Hopkins por el blues se enciende a la edad de 8 años cuando conoce a Blind Lemon Jefferson en un pícnic de la iglesia en Buffalo, Texas. Aquel día, Hopkins sintió que el blues estaba “dentro de él” y comenzó a aprender de su primo lejano, el cantante de country blues Alger “Texas” Alexander y…


Blind James Campbell (September 17, 1906 – January 22, 1981) was an American blues singer and guitarist. He is mostly remembered for his 1962–63 recording for the Arhoolie label with his Nashville Street Band.

James Campbell was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on September 17, 1906. He later became known as Blind James Campbell after an accident at a fertilizer plant left him permanently blinded. In 1936 he formed a band and began playing folk, country, pop, jazz and blues music at parties, dances and for other local events. The Nashville Street Band consisted of fiddler Beauford Clay (born 1900) who was a great influence on Campbell's playing, second guitarist Bell Ray (born 1909), bass horn player Ralph Robinson (born 1885), and trumpeter George Bell.
Campbell and his band appeared to be quite content with the steady work they were receiving, and did not seem to have any desire to pursue a career in recording. However, Chris Strachwitz of Arhoolie Records became interested in the ba…


Actuación de MARKO BALLAND & NASSER BEN DADOU en el HONKY TONK BLUES BAR DE BARCELONA el pasado 16 de Diciembre de 2017 

Stradi Corleone , es el autor de este reportaje gráfico del cual os ofrecemos un par de muestras.
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Nasser Ben Dadou, Marko Balland, , Marko Balland II, Alexis Voisin i Tomi Matthieu.


LA IGUANA, 16 de Diciembre de 2017, BARCELONA 
    Organizado por COCOA BLUES & FUSION
    Reportaje gráfico de JOSEP FUSTÉ 

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William Daniel McFalls, better known as Blues Boy Willie (born November 28, 1946), is an African-American electric blues singer and harmonica player from Memphis, Texas, United States. McFalls is attempting to revive the popularity which the blues enjoyed in his native Memphis during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.
McFalls is known for his unique urban sound and his keen sense of humor as he attempts to make blues, sometimes defined as the "secular folk music of American blacks"[3] pertinent to modern society. Reared in a musical family, his father was in Ma Rainey's touring minstrel show. Among McFalls' recordings are "Leroy" and "Where Is Leroy?".

One Sessions - Blues Boy Willie from Mass Communication - WTAMU on Vimeo.

Life and career McFalls graduated from Memphis High School, and then studied music at nearby two-year Clarendon College, then Clarendon Junior College in Clarendon, the seat of Donley County, where he learned to play the upright bass an…


Scott H. Biram aka The Dirty Old One Man Band (born April 4, 1974) is an American blues, punk, country, heavy metal musician, and record producer. He is primarily known as one of the prominent musicians of the One Man Band musical genre. He has appeared on national television shows such as NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and performed in prestigious and legendary venues such as Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City, CBGB in New York City and The Fillmore West in San Francisco, California. His music has been featured in many American television shows and films. He has also appeared as himself in several films and documentaries. The Dirty Old One Man Band has continuously toured in The U.S.A., Canada, and Europe since 1998. He shares his birth date appropriately with blues legend Muddy Waters.

Biram was born in Lockhart, Texas, to father Danny Lee Biram and mother Donna Lynn Biram (née Beyer).Biram was raised in Prairie Lea and San Marcos, Texas.
In 1992, Biram …

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Una gentilesa de Lluís Souto 



Satan and Adam, a blues duo consisting of Sterling "Mister Satan" Magee (born 1936) and Adam Gussow (born 1958; New York City, New York), were a fixture on Harlem's sidewalks in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Magee sings in a style that fuses blues with elements of soul and rap, plays electric guitar with withering intensity, and uses both feet to stomp out polyrhythms on a homemade percussion setup that includes hi-hat cymbals topped with tambourines and maracas. Gussow plays amplified harmonica in an equally fluent and original way. Together, Satan and Adam have, as journalist Richard Skelley noted, "redefined and shaped the sound of modern blues so much that 'I Want You' from their Harlem Blues debut was included on a Rhino Records release, Modern Blues of the 1990s.


Magee was raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. A sometime-songwriter for Jesse Stone, Magee recorded several near-hits on Ray Charles's Tangerine label in the early 1960s, including &…


There is something to be said about the dedication, ambition, and determination of a scholar; the drive to be the best and to offer his or her best work on whatever project or task is presented. Enter Sugar Brown, aka Dr. Ken Kawashima, PhD. Kawashima is a scholar and professor of East Asian history, as well as a scholar of music. His chosen musical endeavor is classic blues music and a concerted effort to record and preserve the unmistakable Chicago blues sound that harkens back to Chess Record’s famous releases. The 2014 release of Sugar Brown’s debut recording Sugar Brown’s Sad Day stunned listeners across Canada with his ease and force in playing and singing blues. He quickly earned recognition for his classic style and raucous performances from the media and festival bookers coast-to-coast. 
Recently, Sugar Brown’s repertoire has morphed beyond Chicago blues and into a more chaotic and wild space shared by the Texas blues of Lightnin’ Hopkins and Frankie Lee Sims, as well as the t…


Hayes McMullan (January 29, 1902 – May 1986) was an American Delta blues singer, guitarist and songwriter. He was also employed at various times as a sharecropper and as a deacon and was a civil rights activist.
McMullan's first major recorded work was released in February 2017, over 30 years after his death, and was drawn from recordings he made in 1967 and 1968 in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.
McMullan was born in either New Hope or Murphreesboro, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.His musical talents were unearthed following a chance encounter in 1967 between McMullan and the American roots scholar, music collector and documentarian Gayle Dean Wardlow. Wardlow, striking up a conversation with him, discovered that McMullan had known Wardlow's idol, Charley Patton, and had played alongside him in the 1920s. This was at a time when McMullan had drifted from his Mississippi Delta homeland to perform the blues in juke joints across the Deep South. Wardlow also learned that McMul…

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  aquesta Setmana.


 Una gentilesa de Lluís Souto 


Este álbum, grabado en 1965, fue considerado por muchos como uno de los álbumes acústicos más impresionantes de su época. De origen del medio oeste, Roderick poseía una voz de madurez más allá de sus años y en esta obra maestra, capturó un inquietante y embrujado diario de blues. El álbum mezcla clásicos del blues y el folk, incluyendo "You Were on My Mind", antes de su lanzamiento por We Five. Woman Blue fue relanzada en CD en 1995 .                    Desafortunadamente Judy se fué antes de hora quedándonos todos huérfanos de su talento , que no se sabemos hasta donde podría haber sido reconocido. Aqui tenéis el audio del album se cita. Enjoy it ! 

01. Someone To Talk My Troubles To 0:00 02. Born in the Country 2:39 03. Rock Me Baby 7:00 04. Walking Slow Behind You 11:42 05. Young Girl's Dream 13:50 06. Mistreated 16:45 07. Louisville Lou 21:16 08. Country Girl Blues 23:45 09. Contemporary Blues 27:23 10. Black and Blue 31:25 11. You Were On My Mind 34:04 12. Two Hoboes 37:30 13. W…


Ora Denise Allen (born July 16, 1939), known by the stage name Denise LaSalle, is an American blues and R&B/soul singer, songwriter, and record producer who, since the death of Koko Taylor, has been recognized as the "Queen of the Blues"

Born near Sidon, Mississippi[4] and raised in Belzoni, she sang in church choirs before moving to Chicago in the early 1960s. She sat in with R&B musicians and wrote songs, influenced by country music as well as the blues, before winning a recording contract with Chess Records in 1967. Her first single, "A Love Reputation" was a modest regional hit.
She established an independent production company, Crajon, with her then husband Bill Jones. Her song "Trapped By A Thing Called Love" (1971) was released on Detroit-based Westbound Records. This reached #1 on the national R&B chart and #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song ranked at #85 on the 1971 year-end chart. The RIAA gold disc award was made on November…


El guitarrista de blues Travis Haddix nació el 26 de noviembre de 1938. Originario de Walnut, MS, Haddix se inspiró en sus primeros años en las transmisiones de B.B. King en WDIA de Memphis. En Cleveland, Ohio, donde ha vivido desde 1959, Haddix se convirtió en un intérprete , en un  bluesman moderno ,  compositor con un toque original y emotivo. Mientras que él había estado desarrollando sus habilidades compitiendo con  ruidosas audiencias en juke joints y festivales de blues a lo largo de los años 70, no comenzó su carrera de grabación en serio hasta que firmó con el sello Ichiban en 1988. Sus elegantes y convincentes  álbumes Wrong Side Out (1988), Winners Never Quit (1991), y What I know right  now  (1992), fueron, increíblemente, lanzados mientras Haddix continuaba su trabajo como repartidor  postal en Ohio. A medida que su popularidad siguió creciendo, comenzó a viajar a Europa varias veces al año y ganó numerosos premios de blues tanto en Europa como en los Estados Unidos. Hadd…