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   Una gentilesa de Lluís Souto /LITRES DE BLUES 


Os ofrecemos unas fotillas y unos videos de la actuación del grupo THE B(ELVETS) este mediodía en el Bar Musical LIPS,. de Barcelona 

El Bar LIPS situado en la Av.  Virgen de Montserrat de Barcelona, ofrece regularmente conciertos de Blues, Rock, y R&B , además de sesiones acústicas y otras a micro abierto brindando la oportunidad de demostrar su talento a todos los músicos que así lo quieran .Los domingos por la tarde lo dedican a extraordinarias Jam´s Sessions . 


Artist Biography by Eugene Chadbourne in allmusic 
From Fats Waller and "yo' feet's too big" to country blues and you're "standin' at the crossroads" wasn't really such a great distance, at least if one was to judge from some of the characters who were part of the inner workings of the engine. Journeyman guitarist Bobby Leecan played in a country blues duo with harmonica player Robert Cooksey, the two East Coast bluesmen hardly playing the style straight out of the book (or the non-book). There was more than just a trace of ragtime influence, and even some subversive swing jazz influence. From the mid-'20s to the early '30s, these sorts of pseudo-country blues players were just as much a part of the fledgling big city recording scene as the jazz players, and were often encouraged to mingle. Sometimes sessions involved interesting combinations completely out of serendipity, because players who were coming and going happened to run into eac…


TOMI LEINO TRIO, fué sin duda uno de los triunfadores de la pasada edición del PRIMAVERA IN BLACK, causando una enorme impresion entre el público asistente, lamentablemente no disponemos de momento de videos que así lo corroboren, nos conformamos con dejaros otros de sus videos que circulan por la red. Si que podéis ver un excelente reportaje gráfico a cargo de Joan J Gómez que certifican cuanto decimos. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tomi Leino Trio - one of the most successful roots bands from Finland - released their new album Hip Shootin' on 29th February 2016. The album was recorded live at Suprovox Studios straight to two-track recorder. The bands spontaneous and authentic live sound was well captured.
Tomi Leino Trio plays straight forward blues with a great deal of feeling. Touring constantly in Scandinavia and Middle Europe they have build a reputation as a hard working live band.



Primavera in Black  Paul Orta & Bigstone Workers

Johnny Big Stone & the Blues Workers
Paul Orta with Johnny Big Stone & the Blues Workers

Más imágenes y videos en : Salva Martinez 

Antonio Serrano, Joan Pau Cumellas i Víctor Puertas & SBB Combo Harp 

Reportaje gráfico de Joan J Gómez



Reportaje gráfico de Joan J Gómez   TOMI LEINO BAND 



Reportaje gráfico de Joan J Gómez  PAQUITO BLUES BAND 


LOS TRES CERDITOS , Reportatge gráfic de :  
 Joan J Gómez


Actuacions previstes per aquesta Setmana

   Ja pots consultar les actuacions previstes per aquesta      
   Setmana !
   Una gentilesa de Litres de Blues / Lluís Souto 


Más que cualquier comentario acerca de quien es JUSTIN JOHNSON, recomendamos fervorosamente a todos los aficionados a la guitarra una visita a su canal de YouTube, y su web site, para que podáis comprobar la auténtica pasión de este artista por sacar partido de sus instrumentos con cuerdas creados a partir de los soportes más sorprendentes , muy interesante de conocer. 

International touring Nashville recording artist Justin Johnson has been hailed by Guitar World as a "must-see act", dubbed "The Wizard" for his mastery of stringed instruments, and recognized as Slidestock International Slide Guitar Champion. In 2014, Justin Johnson recorded his debut double album, "Smoke & Mirrors," a celebration of the art, history, and traditions behind handmade roots instruments. Along with 18 modern-built roots instruments representing builders from all over the world, the album resurrects the voices of 8 of the oldest cigar box guitars and banjos known to exist. …


La cantante Madlyn Davis fue una  contemporánea de Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Alice Moore, Clara Smith, Mozelle Alderson, Victoria Spivey, Sippie Wallace y Bertha Chippie Hill.Solo hizo diez grabaciones, todas para el sello  Paramount en Chicago. Lo que la distinguió de algunas de sus colegas fue la voluntad de salir del estilo "slow drag "  intentando cambiar su tendencia co. Desafortunadamente, solamente en un  un par de sus registros documentan esta forma de cantar . Su primera sesión tuvo lugar en junio de 1927. En "Worried Down the Blues" y "Climbing Mountain Blues", estuvo acompañada por Red Hot Shakers, un cuarteto , según consta  que incluyó al pianista Cassino Simpson. En septiembre de 1927 grabó "Hurry Sundown Blues" y "Landlady's Footsteps" con un grupo similar, esta vez con los sonidos del kazoo y el silbido añadido . En noviembre de 1927 grabó  dos títulos con Hot Shots, un trío que incluía a Richard M. Jones. "Koko…


We are a trio playing the best, most original and exciting new blues music you will hear anywhere.
“An epic triumph” Blues In Britain
“Incredible maturity, with a unique and refreshing approach” Blues Matters!
“Arguably the most talented guitarist in London. Paul’s sound is completely unique and fuses a number of genres to create his very own version of the Blues.” www.aintnothinbut.co.uk
"...looked like the future of British blues – he’s a great guitarist, a fine singer and the guy can move. The blues lives." Record Collector magazine
CDs and downloads are available from: http://music.paul-garner.com

Paul grew up in New Zealand, where he has had plenty of time and opportunity to develop his impressive guitar skills and a unique take on the roots music he grew up with. Since relocating to London, Paul has quickly become a 'first-call' guitarist for a growing number of blues acts in the capital, thanks to his exemplary skill, feel and tone.
“...you can not deny the strength of Pa…


BB King

Music festival season is officially upon us! Here's B.B. live from New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in 1994.


Live in The Netherlands- 11 Nov 2017


Actuacions previstes per aquesta Setmana

Ja podeu consultar les actuaciones previstes per aquesta     
   Clíqueu d´amunt de la imatge 
   Una gentilesa  de Lluís Souto / Litres de Blues .


Keith Johnson is a senior Delta Music Institute audio engineering major at Delta State University and is taking the blues world by storm as the Prince of the Blues.

A native of Glen Allan, Miss., Johnson has two brothers and three sisters. In his immediate family, there are no musicians, but there are others in his family that are musically inclined. “My family came from a long line of musicians,” he said. “..from Muddy Waters and his kids to their kids.”
Johnson is a young man of many talents. He has been playing the guitar for six years, but he has experience with the keyboard and harmonica.
His musical foundation came from listening to others play in church.
“I started playing Gospel music then I branched out to playing the blues,” he said.
Back in 2009, Johnson sang with the Delta Sensations, a gospel group, and he’s been performing gospel music every since, but now he’s more focused on the blues.
“I’ve been playing the blues since I got to Delta State, since 2012,” he said.
Johnson is n…


Singer, songwriter, and virtuoso guitarist Joanna Connor’s original hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts is seldom named as a blues hotbed, but it was there she developed her love of music. Her mother was the big influence in her musical life; she listened to blues, folk and rock. Joanna heard Buddy Guy and Taj Mahal when she was a kid, and got into the more obscure artists as she went on. By her mid-teens she was playing the Worcester and Boston clubs with her own band, then moved to Chicago. There, she learned from the best, sharing the stage with the likes of James Cotton, Buddy Guy, and Junior Wells. With her own band, Connor made a string of records and toured up a storm. When she had kids, she took a touring hiatus and mainly played Chicago’s Kingston Mines club, drawing her audience to come her way for a change! In 2016 she released Six String Stories, her first album in twelve years. Welcome back to the Queen of Blues/Rock Guitar!

Joanna Connor (31 de agosto de 1962) es una can…


From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jonathon “Boogie” Long was born with the blues coursing through his veins. Brought up in a Southern Baptist community, he first picked up the guitar at the age of six, teaching himself old gospel songs. Years later, a teenage Long found himself playing weekly gigs at blues clubs and events around town. At fourteen, he left school to lay down his roots touring with local legends Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor from 2003 to 2005. Additionally, he has toured with Chris Duarte, Kenny Wayne and Tyree Neal on the Chitlin’ Circuit. Boogie has shared the stage with standout musicians such as Dr. John, Rockin’ Dopsie, Monte Montgomery, Ellis Hall, Kenny Neal, Larry Garner, Henry Gray, Lil Ray Neal, and Lou Marini of the Blues Brothers Band.
In 2011, Boogie Long was crowned Guitar Center’s “King of the Blues” from a field of over 4,000 contestants, in the competition for #1 Unsigned Blues Guitarist in America (bit.ly/o013s6). Soon after, Boogie was sought out to film 2…


Una aproximación a la vida de las cantantes de Blues de los años 20's y 30's a través de algunas de las letras de sus canciones. Con éste enunciado Roser Blues ha presentado esta tarde en la Biblioteca  TECLA SALA de L´Hospitalet de Llobregat su conferencia . Excelentemente bien documentada , Roser Blues, ha ido desgranando las diferentes problemáticas con las que se encontraban las cantantes  por aquellos años , explicando muy didácticamente el contenido de sus canciones y comentando las letras que no eran sino un fiel reflejo de la realidad que vivian cotidianamente la mayoría de las intérpretes. Crudas realidades , luchas diarias de unas heroínas que además de vivir en propias carnes la discriminación machista , racial, etc.etc. encima tenían el valor de subir a un escenario y cantarlas con el sentimiento a flor de piel.Toda una master class de Roser Valls que ha cumplimentado sus explicaciones con los audios de cada tema mientras en pantalla aparecía una foto de cada artis…




“Wishbone” is the eagerly awaited 3rd studio recording of 2012 Blues Music Award Winner for Bassist of the Year, Biscuit Miller. The title track was inspired by Biscuit’s two grandsons Jordan and Josh who were excited about making a wish when they got their hands on the turkey wishbone during Thanksgiving dinner. Their excitement sparked an idea in Biscuit’s ever creative mind, and he literally began singing and writing the song on the spot! He then jammed with his grandsons in his music room after dinner. That special day with his family and the birth of a song were all the motivation Biscuit needed to get back into the studio to begin working on “Wishbone.” 
Biscuit and his band, The Mix, have been touring extensively ever since he won his first BMA in 2012, and had to squeeze in their recording sessions during breaks in the tour. Biscuit is known for his high energy shows and blazing million dollar smile. He is a born en…