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Desde el día 21 de Junio , hasta el 21 de Septiembre de 2017 , este Blog permanecerá inactivo,para incluir novedades, no así como para  las consultas que permanecerá abierto siempre, claro está . Dejamos por un tiempo de publicar para reanudar a la vuelta con más ímpetu si cabe .Gracias a todos los músicos por su comprensión y empatía nada sería posible sin vosotros ! Un abrazo y hasta la vuelta. See You soon !

From June 21 to September 21, 2017, this Blog will remain inactive, to include novelties, not as for the queries that will remain open, of course. We left for a time to publish to resume on the return with more impetus if it fits. Thanks to all the musicians for their understanding and empathy nothing would be possible without you! A hug and until the return. See You Soon!               THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT !! 


Avui al vespre podreu escoltar el darrer programa de rádio que durant tant temps ha presentat realitzat i dirigit per ARMAND GARCIA., des de SENTIR EL BLUES ens sumem a la colla d´amics que estarán presents en el día del seu comiat a les ones ...... Una forta abraçada per l´Armand , ja sabem que no ets gaire o gens partidari de dramatitzar les coses es per aixó que no ens explaiarem ni una línea més , tant sols dirte que ha estat un plaer compartir les nits dels dilluns amb tú i els teus convidats en el format tant i tant proper que has donat sempre a la teva emisió ! Salut company !!
   Permet-me aquest simbolisme . JUST BLUES  baixa la persiana ! 


Columbus S. Perry (January 20, 1922 – February 5, 2009), better known as Piney Brown, was an American R&B and blues singer and songwriter, who has been described as a "fine, big-voiced shouter". He released a string of singles between 1948 and 1988 and issued two albums late in his career. His songs have been recorded by Little Milton and James Brown.

Perry was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and joined his family's gospel singing group. He relocated to Baltimore in 1940 and made his recording debut as Piney Brown for Miracle Records in 1947. Of the four songs that were recorded, only one was released, "That's Right, Little Girl", issued by Esquire Records in the UK several years later. Perry took the stage name Piney Brown from a club owner in Kansas City in the 1930s, who was immortalized in Big Joe Turner's "Piney Brown Blues" (1940).
An item in the Chicago Defender on February 7, 1948, reported that Brow…


Composed by Big Joe Williams
Leroy Dallas:Vocals & Guitar
Recorded in New York City, N.Y. 1949
Originally issued on the 1949 single (Sittin' In With 537) (78 RPM)
Note:Also issued on (Jade 707) (78 RPM)
This recording taken from the 1994 album "Ralph Willis Vol. 2/Leroy Dallas" (CD) (Austria)
By randomandrare !
Leroy Dallas (December 24, 1909 – September, 1967) was an American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. Amongst his more notable numbers were "Good Morning Blues" and "Jump Little Children, Jump" (both 1948).He performed with Brownie McGhee and with Frank Edwards and recorded eight tracks in his own name between 1948 and 1962.

Dallas was born in Mobile, Alabama, in 1909 and relocated to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1924. He travelled widely in the Deep South in the 1930s and 1940s. Around 1937, in Knoxville, Tennessee, he played the washboard accompanying Brownie McGhee.Dallas teamed up with Frank Edwards and Georgia Slim for a while, and he also play…


Norman Beaker (born Norman Hume, 21 June 1950, Manchester, England) is an English blues guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, band leader and record producer, who has been involved in the British blues scene since the early 1970s.
The Norman Beaker Band has toured and recorded with many blues artists including Graham Bond, Jack Bruce, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Rogers, Alexis Korner, Buddy Guy, Lowell Fulson, Fenton Robinson and B. B. King. Beaker has toured regularly with Chris Farlowe, Larry Garner and Van Morrison. He has contributed as a session guitarist to many recordings including Jack Bruce, Lowell Fulson, James Booker and Van Morrison.

1960s and 1970s At the age of seven Beaker taught himself playing the guitar when he was confined to bed for 18 months after a serious road accident. In a holiday camp competition, at the age of twelve, he won the first prize which was ten shillings and an appearance on the Lonnie Donegan show. Taking part in a few more shows of the “skiffle king” was the begi…


Thomas Dartmouth Rice (20 de mayo de 1808 - 19 de septiembre de 1860), profesionalmente conocido como Daddy Rice, fue un actor y guionista blanco estadounidense que hacía actos de blackface y empleaba el habla vernacular, las canciones y los bailes de los afroamericanos para convertirse en uno de los actores de minstrel más populares de su época. Es considerado como el "padre del minstrel estadounidense".1 2 Su acto se basaba en aspectos de la cultura afroamericana y los popularizó a nivel nacional e internacional.
El personaje de Jim Crow interpretado por Rice era una descripción étnica según las ideas contemporáneas sobre los afroamericanos y su cultura. El personaje estaba basado en un pícaro folclórico llamado Jim Crow, que era muy popular entre los esclavos negros. Rice también adaptó y popularizó una tradicional canción de esclavos llamada "Jump Jim Crow".3

Thomas Dartmouth Rice nació en el Lower East Side de Manhattan, New York. Su familia residía en el distri…


Alvin Hankerson (November 23, 1923 – June 30, 1995),better known as Guitar Nubbit, was an American blues guitarist and singer. His most notable song was "Georgia Chain Gang", which was originally released in 1962 as a single on Bluestown Records.
He was the uncle of the folk music singer and autoharp player Dorris Henderson.

Henderson was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During a hurricane when he was three years old, he lost the tip of his right thumb, which led to his lifelong nickname, Nubbit (sometimes shortened to Nub). He spent most of his formative years in Georgia and then relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1945. He attempted to teach himself to play the guitar, but after a year of trying he gave up the instrument in 1949. However, by 1954, he could afford guitar lessons and enlisted Bill Bryant, a former music teacher from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, to teach him. Guitar Nubbit eventually mastered the rudiments of the instrument. He then performed locally, playi…


Chicago blues singer/harpist Little Arthur Duncan was born in Indianola, MS in 1934 and raised on the same Woodburn Plantation as B.B. King. He relocated to the Windy City's West Side during the 1950s, often playing in the company of guitar great Earl Hooker; despite the unique harmonica sound produced by his custom of playing the bass notes on the right, for decades Duncan remained little-known outside of the Chicago scene, primarily appearing at his own Back Scratcher Social Club. In 1989 he cut Bad Reputation for the Blues King label, and that same year was also documented alongside Robert Plunkett and Emery Williams Jr. on Cannonball's Blues Across America--The Chicago Scene; the Delmark release Singin' with the Sun followed a decade later.

Little Arthur Duncan (February 5, 1934 – August 20, 2008) was an American Chicago blues and electric blues harmonica player, singer, and songwriter. He was a member of the Backscratchers and over his career was associated with Earl H…


Elvie Thomas:Vocals & Guitar
Probably Geeshie (Geechie) Wiley:2nd Guitar
Recorded in Grafton, WI. c. April 1930
Originally issued on the 1930 single (Paramount 12977) (78 RPM)
This recording taken from the 2004 4CD Box Set "The Paramount Masters"
Video by randomandrare 

L.V. Thomas (née L.V. Grant, August 7, 1891 – May 20, 1979), better known as Elvie Thomas, was an American country blues singer and guitarist from Houston, Texas.

Thomas left school after the fifth grade and began playing guitar at the age of 11. She began performing at "country suppers" when she was 17. During the 1920s and 1930s, she performed with Texas Alexander, Leon Benton and Leroy Johnson.
She recorded two songs issued by Paramount Records, "Motherless Child Blues" and "Over to My House", with Geeshie Wiley on second guitar, in March 1930. The two recorded a duet, "Pick Poor Robin Clean", for Paramount in 1931, and Thomas also backed Wiley on the three other survivi…


At JAMBOREE CLUB, Barcelona, Spain. June 2017

Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne: piano & vocals Jose Luis Pardo: lead guitar "Tota": harmonica Martin J. Merino: guitar Jose Pilar: bass Eduardo Neto: drums

VIDEO de lo que fue la presentacion de Kenny Wayne & TOTABLUES & JL PARDO en el Jamboree hace unas semanas. En breve más.....

Mientras esperamos, aquí tenéis un adelanto ! 
Gracias Pat x el video!!!
Photos : video 

Actuacions previstes per aquesta Setmana !



Tina & Joe is an international duet formed by Tina Masawi (Zimbabwe) and José Azul (Spain), established in Barcelona (Spain).
Tina & Joe is an international duet formed by Tina Masawi (Zimbabwe) and José Antonio Hernández (Spain), established in Barcelona (Spain). Both musicians have an extensive musical experience in their individual careers. They are currently in collaboration to bring to the audiences their beloved music. Tina Masawi was awarded as best musical actress in Africa in the year 2013. As it can be appreciated in the material attached, she is gifted with a unique voice and interpretation. Jose Antonio Hernandez is an studio musician, who has been on tour locally and internationally on various productions and projects. During his career he has performed in over one thousand shows at theaters, concerts, plays, cruises, and etcetera. Tina and Joe’s show, is an acoustic concert of high quality and elegance, in which the duet interprets a carefully selected repertoire…


DREW DAVIES estará de nuevo en Barcelona los dias 7,8, y 9 de Julio de 2017 


Drew Davies plays Louis Jordan at the Pornic jazz party 2017 on March 18th with Jean Marc Labbé on baritone sax, Thomas Mestres on trumpet, Cesar Pastre on piano, Maxime Genouel on double bass and Kevin L'hermite on Drums

A selection of tracks from the Louis Jordan repertoire played by drew davies - Vocals & tenor sax, Jean marc Labbé - baritone sax, Thomas Mestres - trumpet, Cesar Pastre - Piano, Stephen Harrison - double bass & Kevin l'hermite - drums
at the Courbevoie Jazz Club on the ouskirts of Paris, France on the 23rd of january 2017

 Más info acerca de DREW DAVIES !

Actuacions previstes per aquesta Setmana !

    Vas por el buen camino, de regreso a casa .. coge la salida LITRES DE BLUES., y verás las actuaciones previstas para esta Semana. Una Gentileza de Lluis Souto