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BIENVENIDO MR. USA !! La Música norteamericana en España antes del rock and roll ( 1865-1955)

En el interesantísimo libro de IGNACIO FAULIN HIDALGO, el autor dedica unas cuantas páginas en el inicio del libro a plasmar el impacto que  representó en nuestro pais la llegada  del denominado  CAKE WALK., imaginaros lo que sería .......... un baile que, consultado un doctor acerca del mismo, su respuesta fué ; ya hace tiempo que lo conocemos este baile, aquí le llamamos el baile de San Vito........ 
De entre los diferentes capítulos que trata el libro encontramos el núm 5 :
1940-1949 . La era del Swing española: Hot jazz, Boogie Woogie y el imperio del Fox. 

Cuando a finales de 1955 la Columbia española publica “Rock around the clock” –en la versión universalmente conocida de BillHaley and his Comets– nuestro país lleva ya noventa años recibiendo, conociendo y disfrutando ritmos norteamericanos. Puessí, antes del rock y del pop, lo estadounidense había llegado con puntualidad y formaba parte de nuestra escena. De los minstrelsshows, pasando por la era del j…


Birth: Jun. 18, 1898 Halley Desha County Arkansas, USA Death: Apr. 15, 1974 Memphis Shelby County Tennessee, USA
Jug Musician, age 76 An interest in music inherited from his father led Corley to a career playing a variety of instruments, including harmonica, wash-tub bass and kazoo—in jug bands in Memphis, from the '20s to the '50s. He played with the famous Memphis Jug Band, and also Jack Kelly's South Memphis Jug Band, although he does not seem to have appeared on any of either group's records. In the '60s and into the early '70s, he was able to take advantage of the revival of interest in blues and related music, making a number of recordings and appearing at several folk festivals, both as accompanist to other artists and in his own right.  

Artist Biography by Eugene Chadbourne in Allmusic 
There's not much chance of making jug band music without a jug, although a few have tried. A washtub bass doesn't hurt, either. In fact, one of the main concepts of this t…

JUKEBOX SESSION at Biblioteca TECLA SALA L´ Hospitalet Llgat.

Dijous, 5 / maig · 19:00

Fondo de Blues de la Biblioteca Tecla Sala de L'Hospitalet

El Blues del Delta, de Texas, de Chicago, De Memphis, de Saint Louis, el Piedmont Blues, el Wesy Coast, el Boogie.... una aproximación a los géneros básicos del blues en una audición comentada de diez canciones seleccionadas por Manuel López Poy.


 Woodrow Wilson Adams, 9 de abril de 1917, Tchula, Mississippi, EE.UU.. A pesar de que se ganaba la vida conduciendo un tractor en la zona rural de Mississippi, Woodrow Adams hizo suficientes registros para ofrecer una visión fascinante de la música de un auténtico bluesman , Blues del Delta no profesional. Aprendió tanto la armónica y la guitarra durante la infancia, pero tenía 35 años antes de que dejara constancia de su arte en su primera grabación . Lanzó tres sencillos entre 1952 y 1961. La primera fue una actuación muy irregular, sin pulir , en el estilo de blues de Chicago con sede en Mississippi  .Hubo un intento de actualizar su sonido a un sonido más  R & B comercial. Ninguno de estos registros disfrutó de cualquier éxito y Adams continuó  trabajando en una plantación cuando el investigador David Evans grabó una sesión con su banda en 1967, parte de la cual fue emitida más tarde en forma de álbum.

L.C.ULMER In Memoriam

Lee Chester Ulmer (August 28, 1928 – February 14, 2016) was an American delta blues musician, known professionally as L. C. Ulmer. He was a regular performer for over half a century, playing at festivals and clubs throughout the United States and elsewhere, but particularly in the Deep South. Ulmer was also featured in the 2008 documentary film M for Mississippi: A Road Trip Through the Birthplace of the Blues. His earliest influences came from the music of Blind Roosevelt Graves. Throughout his life, Ulmer met or played with numerous notable musicians, including Elvis Presley, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Brook Benton, Nat King Cole, Fats Domino, Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Howlin' Wolf, and Buddy Guy.
Ulmer was a multi-instrumentalist and often performed in his younger days as a one-man band.

L.C. Ulmer: Mississippi Folklife and Folk Artist Directory

Lee Chester “L.C.” Ulmer is a native of south Mississippi who for 50 years played music all over the U.S.—“like horse man…


Virginia Liston would most likely be barely remembered today if she had not sung on a Clarence Williams Blue Five record that featured both Sidney Bechet and Louis Armstrong. The record was Early In The Morning and You've Got The Right Key, But The Wrong Keyhole and Virginia shows that she was a pretty good blues singer. Little is known about Liston's early life. She reportedly was singing in vaudeville as early as 1912. In the early 1920s she was living in Washington D.C. with her husband Sam Gray and touring the T.O.B.A. vaudeville circuit with him in an act called "Liston and Liston". The couple recorded one record together in January of 1924. They were divorced sometime around 1925. Virginia's last recording session was in 1927 with the Clarence Williams Washboard Band, where she sang Cushion Foot Stomp and P.D.Q. Blues. Liston retired from show business in 1929 re-married and settled in St. Louis, Missouri where she reportedly died in 1932.       

Virginia Li…


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WILLIE " 61" BLACKWELL, fué un guitarrista y cantante del cual se habla efímeramente en el libro de referencia :ALAN LOMAX, se sabe que grabó conCARL MARTIN y que fué el propio Lomax que consiguió también algunas grabaciones suyas en las visitas que éste efectuaba en busca de bluesmen anónimos. 

Speaking of Ron Harwood and Sippie Wallace those who know the work of Willie '61' Blackwell (either his 8 Bluebird recordings or the three for Lomax) may be interested to know that Harwood saw both of them at a Detroit concert in the mid-60s. Here's what he had to report on the event (extracted from a longer feature inJazz Journal June 1967):

Dr. Ross could only remember the name of one other blues singer in the Flint area. It certainly was not much of a name to go on. Finding someone named '61' in a city the size of Flint was not a pleasant thought. But after a few trips to Flint (80 minutes out of Detroit) and a fair share of blind alleys, we finally located Willi…


 Los ganadores del concurso de BLUES de la SOCIETAT DE BLUES DE BARCELONA,  visitan la ciudad que les vió triunfar !! 
 Que los espera con los brazos abiertooooss !! 

Trío de blues acústico formado por: Andrea: a la voz y a la percusión Benjamín: a la guitarra y al Slide Ramón: a la armónica
Biografia Andhrea & The Black Cats somos un trío de blues gallego, formado por Ramón Figueira “Figui” (armonicista), Benjamin Vazquez (guitarrista) y Andrea Verdú (voz y percusión).
Figui fue el que, a finales del 2012, impulsó este pequeño y modesto proyecto. Para ello quiso contar con la peculiar voz de Andrea Verdú y el discreto Benjamín Vázquez.  El trío cuajó desde el principio, creándose una gran complicidad tanto a nivel musical como personal. Sin embargo, el haber estado durante 6 meses seguidos como banda residente en el Modus Vivendi, fue la semilla que hizo que creciésemos como grupo. 
Residimos en Santiago de Compostela, donde empezamos nuetsra andadura conjunta, a pesar de que ninguno de lo…

ALBERT KING in Memoriam

  Durante algún tiempo este fué el logo del blog SENTIR EL BLUES , un homenaje a uno de    
    mis artistas preferidos desde siempre ! 

   Nacido un  25 /04/1924 .................. 

    El primer álbum de Blues que cayó en mis manos : 1968 , con él empezó todo ! 

LONNIE MACK In memoriam

Lonnie McIntosh (July 18, 1941 – April 21, 2016), better known by his stage name Lonnie Mack, was an American rock, blues, and country singer-guitarist. As a featured artist, his recording career spanned the period from 1963 to 1990. He remained active as a performer into the earl

Lonnie's early music bridged the gap between '50s rockabilly and the psychedelic blues-rock of the following decade, and, like the best rock and roll, his work continues to embody a mixture of white and black roots music. Rock, blues, soul and country -- Lonnie brings them all together for a sound that has been all his own for nearly forty years. 
Lonnie was born in 1941 in Harrison, Indiana -- some twenty miles west of Cincinnati. From family sing-alongs he developed a love of country music, while he absorbed rhythm and blues from the late-night black radio stations and gospel from his local church. Starting off with a few chords that he learned from his mother, Lonnie gradually blended all the sounds…


El próximo sábado 30 de Abril de 2016 podréis  ver a VERTERAMO & COSTALES en el HONKY TONK BLUES BAR de Barcelona 


Joven músico de Blues de Buenos Aires, actualmente al frente del Federico Verteramo Trio como cantante y guitarrista. Paralelamente integra el grupo de blues en español Easy Babies, así como también acompaña a los solistas Ximena Monzón y Junior Binzugna como guitarrista en sus presentaciones y grabaciones.

Anteriormente también participó de Los Huesos de Gato Negro, Nacho Ladisa Blues Club, Huguis Lopez Band, y la Blues Special de Band de Adrián Flores, acompañando junto a estos últimos al bluesman de Estados Unidos Rip Lee Pryor en su tour por Argentina.
En el 2013, es convocado para participar en el disco editado “5 Guitarras de blues”. Producido por la asociación “Blues en movimiento” consta con la participación de algunos de los músicos más activos y referentes del género en Argentina.
Para principios del 2014 emprendió una gira por Españ…

KING BISCUIT TIME * Jean-Claude Legros *

"King Biscuit Time"  (Sonny Boy Williamson II, Robert Lockwood Jr, Sonny Payne) acrylique/toile, 100x81 acrylic/canvas 39"x32"

La première émission régulière de radio consacrée au blues est diffusée en novembre 1941 sur KFFA, une station tout juste créée à Helena (Arkansas). Elle a été suggérée par Sonny Boy Williamson II qui, bientôt rejoint par Robert Lockwood Jr, se propose de jouer en direct en contrepartie de l'annonce de ses prestations dans la région. Intitulé « King Biscuit Time » - du nom de la farine vendue par son sponsor – ce programme quotidien connaît un grand succès auprès de la population afro américaine locale et va faire d'Helena une place forte du country blues à une époque charnière. Longtemps animée par Sonny Payne, l'émission a servi de modèle aux radios qui se développent alors un peu partout, devenant le plus puissant vecteur de diffusion du blues dans le pays. Le « King Biscuit Time » est l'émission qui dét…

Actuacions previstes per aquesta Setmana !

Ja podeu consultar les actuacions previstes per aquesta setmana , una gentilesa de Lluís Souto/ LITRES DE BLUES 


KEITH DUNN empezó en el escenario ofreciendo al público que llenaba el templo del Blues en Barcelona , el HONKY TONK BLUES BAR , después de  una breve presentación de su recorrido partiendo de Boston, su ciudad natal , unos temas en solitario demostrando su control de la ármonica y de su voz, cautivadora ,sin duda, despertando la expectativa ,consiguiendo la complicidad que la gente le demostró de antemano , es claro que las previsiones se vieron culminadas con la aparición en escena de Lluís Coloma al piano y Balta Bordoy a la guitarra; siguió desgranando temas de Blues , R&B y alguna balada Soul, demostrando que es un palo que le gusta y se siente cómodo , asi lo hizo hasta el final, Pain in my Heart sonó épico y cerró sin bises ( el propio músico se iba adjudicando , one more, one more......con el bneneplácito del respetable  ) con una de las balada soul , su  sentimiento interpretavioe dejó en un silencio absoluto al ( entre tema y tema ) bullicioso público del Honky, Salimos …


One of the very first acts signed to the newly founded Mercury label in 1945 was a quartet calling itself the Cats 'N Jammer Three, a name derived from Rudolph Dirks' old-time comic strip, The Katzenjammer Kids. Their pianist and lead vocalist was Mississippi native and Chicago-based entertainer Bill Samuels. Adam Lambert played mellifluous amplified guitar, and rhythmic support was provided by bassist Sylvester Hickman and drummer Hillard Brown. The first of two versions of "I Cover the Waterfront" was terrifically successful for the Jammers and for Mercury. Stylistically, Samuels and his group sounded something like the King Cole Trio, tempered with the quaintness of the Charioteers and, at times, the cheerful carnality of the rising R&B movement. Comparisons could also be drawn with the Mills Brothers, the Ink Spots, the Cats & the Fiddle, Slim Gaillard, the Delta Rhythm Boys, the Three Keys, the Four Blazes, and the Five Red Caps. "Waterfront" i…


Blues singer Edna Hicks was born in New Orleans and was the half-sister of Lizzie Miles and her brother was the trumpet player Herb Morand. Edna left New Orleans sometime around 1916 and worked in a variety of vaudeville and musical comedy shows. She began recording in 1923 with Victor and went on to make records with Brunswick, Gennett, Vocalion, Ajax, Columbia and Paramount. In 1925 she died due to burns that she suffered in an accident involving gasoline in her home in Chicago.

Edna Hicks (October 14, 1895 – August 16, 1925) was an American blues singer and musician.She is best remembered for her recordings of "Hard Luck Blues" and "Poor Me Blues". She also recorded "Down Hearted Blues", and "Gulf Coast Blues" on the Brunswick label in 1923.

Born Edna Landreaux in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, she was the half-sister of Lizzie Miles. She is believed to have moved north in her mid-teens.Popular in black vaudeville in the American midwes…




Ernest Lane was the pianist who played with Ike Turner and was his oldest childhood friend. They grew up together in Clarksdale, MS and maintained that friendship all the way to the very end. The stories that they would tell were hilarious mostly, some dark and incredulous. It was always fun to sit around and listen to them argue too. Lane always kept $500 on him, as he would occasionally come out with "Ike Turner, here's your $500 from such & such"...some long ago debt that he wouldn't let go, and Ike would never thak the money. Or if he did take it would give it back a little while later. Those guys... We recorded this album in about 2006 up in Los Angeles at Leon Heywood's place off Crenshaw. It was funky through & through. The room we tracked in was the scene of many great albums. One of my heroes James Gadson had tracked in that room so for me it was a spiritual experience. On another note, I also did the album cover for this; it was my first attempt an…