7 de desembre de 2016



Eric Bowman was born in Pasadena and grew up in Orange County, CA (back when it actually had orange groves). Essentially a self-taught artist, Eric had a knack for drawing as far back as he can remember, always the class artist throughout his elementary and high school years. Various art-related jobs such as silk screen T-shirt printer or surfboard airbrush technician led to a lengthy and successful career as a commercial artist, eventually transitioning to fine art painting. As a painter, Eric has garnered many awards in national & regional exhibitions in some of the country's most prestigious galleries and museums.  His paintings are in collections around the world, including England, China, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

 Eric Bowman is a Signature Member of both the American Impressionist Society and the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, and an Out-of-State Member of the California Art Club. When not traveling to various plein air shows or visiting his beloved home state of California, Eric resides in northwest Oregon with his wife and daughter, and their dog, Mucha.

Burgundy Blue by Eric Bowman Oil ~ 24 x 30

       Potiphar's Wife by Eric Bowman Oil ~ 24 x 20


Resultat d'imatges de i quid you baby the rolling stones

Uno de los temas que más nos gusta, sino el que más,  del último disco de sus Satánicas Majestades dedicado al Blues  BLUE & LONESOME , Original :  Willie Dixon 


2 de desembre de 2016

LA HORA DEL BLUES * Diciembre 2016 *

                  Ya está disponible la actualización del portal LA HORA DEL BLUES , sin duda el más completo de la red , donde podréis encontrar toda clase de asuntos relacionados con el BLUES.,como novedades discográficas comentadas, crónicas de los conciertos recientes , etc etc. no dudéis en visitar la web más completa a todos los niveles.
            Una gentileza de Roser Blues y Vicente Zúmel