20 de juny de 2017


      Desde el día 21 de Junio , hasta el 21 de Septiembre de 2017 , este Blog permanecerá inactivo,para incluir novedades, no así como para  las consultas que permanecerá abierto siempre, claro está . Dejamos por un tiempo de publicar para reanudar a la vuelta con más ímpetu si cabe .Gracias a todos los músicos por su comprensión y empatía nada sería posible sin vosotros ! Un abrazo y hasta la vuelta. See You soon !


From June 21 to September 21, 2017, this Blog will remain inactive, to include novelties, not as for the queries that will remain open, of course. We left for a time to publish to resume on the return with more impetus if it fits. Thanks to all the musicians for their understanding and empathy nothing would be possible without you! A hug and until the return. See You Soon!


19 de juny de 2017


    Avui al vespre podreu escoltar el darrer programa de rádio que durant tant temps ha presentat realitzat i dirigit per ARMAND GARCIA., des de SENTIR EL BLUES ens sumem a la colla d´amics que estarán presents en el día del seu comiat a les ones ...... Una forta abraçada per l´Armand , ja sabem que no ets gaire o gens partidari de dramatitzar les coses es per aixó que no ens explaiarem ni una línea més , tant sols dirte que ha estat un plaer compartir les nits dels dilluns amb tú i els teus convidats en el format tant i tant proper que has donat sempre a la teva emisió ! Salut company !!

     Permet-me aquest simbolisme . JUST BLUES  baixa la persiana ! 

16 de juny de 2017


Resultado de imagen de PINEY BROWN


Columbus S. Perry (January 20, 1922 – February 5, 2009), better known as Piney Brown, was an American R&B and blues singer and songwriter, who has been described as a "fine, big-voiced shouter". He released a string of singles between 1948 and 1988 and issued two albums late in his career. His songs have been recorded by Little Milton and James Brown.



Perry was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and joined his family's gospel singing group. He relocated to Baltimore in 1940 and made his recording debut as Piney Brown for Miracle Records in 1947. Of the four songs that were recorded, only one was released, "That's Right, Little Girl", issued by Esquire Records in the UK several years later. Perry took the stage name Piney Brown from a club owner in Kansas City in the 1930s, who was immortalized in Big Joe Turner's "Piney Brown Blues" (1940).

An item in the Chicago Defender on February 7, 1948, reported that Brown was beginning a package tour the next month. His tenure with Miracle was short-lived, and he moved the same year to Apollo Records in New York, cutting several sides in 1948, including the single "Morning Blues" backed with "Gloomy Monday Blues" He next recorded for Sittin' In With Records, at which he met his long-time friend Ed Wiley, Jr.. They worked together for the first time in 1952, on the single "Have Mercy" backed with "Kokimo" (1952).Short-term, largely fruitless, stints followed with Par (1952) and Atlas Records (1954).
In 1953 Brown recorded "Ooh You Bring Out the Wolf in Me" backed with "Don't Pass My By" for Jubilee Records and "Walk-a-Block-and-Fall" backed with "Whispering Blue" for King Records.None of his records made the national charts, but they sold well locally, and Brown was a top-performing attraction who regularly toured the country. He performed with the young guitarist Albert Collins in the early 1950s. In the music polls in the Pittsburgh Courier, Brown was regularly nominated as the "top blues artist". He performed as a duo with Billy Brooks, and they played for a time at the Club DeLisa in Chicago, as a result of which both of them recording for Duke Records. In 1959, Brown recorded "Sugar in My Tea (Cream in My Coffee)" backed with "My Love" for Mad Records, a label founded by Tommy "Madman" Jones two years earlier.

In the early 1960s, Brown returned to Birmingham to look after his mother, although he continued to tour more locally. By 1969, he signed a contract with Sound Stage 7 and released a couple of singles, including "One of These Days (You're Gonna Want Me)" backed with "Nashville Wimmin" (1970). Brown co-wrote the song "Popcorn" with James Brown. He performed on package tours with Ted Taylor, Chuck Berry, and Bo Diddley.[6]

In 2000, after 48 years apart musically, Brown and Wiley reunited to perform at the Blues Estafette, in Utrecht, Netherlands. Brown's debut album, My Task, was issued in 2004. His last album, One of These Days, was issued by Bonedog Records, of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, in 2006. Brown supported its release by playing some local gigs.

Brown died on February 5, 2009, at the age of 87, in Dayton, Ohio, his home since 1963.

Ambiguities of songwriting credits and naming
Songwriting credits for Rosco Gordon's "Just a Little Bit" sometimes include Brown, but the authorship is unclear.
He is not to be confused with the Piney Brown who was the manager of the Sunset nightclub in Kansas City in the 1930s. Big Joe Turner wrote "Piney Brown Blues" in that man's honor and sang it throughout his career.


Resultado de imagen de PINEY BROWN


  Resultado de imagen de PINEY BROWN